River Thames London Boat Blog

River Thames Boat Blog

The aim of this site is to provide you with information on the River Thames in London and our passion, boats! In our opinion the River Thames is London’s most beautiful asset and the only way to explore it is by boat, of course! This site aims to provide information on the River Thames, how to charter a boat and what you should consider to ensure you get value for money and the experience you want and were expecting!

We have also added articles showing the scope of what happens on the Thames – from Lego Pharaoh’s to Concorde to Wimbledon, the River Thames has seen it all! 2012 was an important year for London with the Olympics and Queens Diamond Jubilee added to the busy event calendar.

If you would like to see any specific future article titles please leave a comment.



8 thoughts on “River Thames Boat Blog

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  2. Moira Greenwood on said:

    I would like to book a river cruise on the Thames for New Year Eve 2009. Hopefully including a view of the fireworks.

    Do any of the cruise vessels allow children of 13 on board at this time of year.

    Many thanks

  3. I would like to let everyone know about a charity swim I am organising along the non tidal Thames. The challenge is taking place to raise awareness and money for the incredible charity HELP FOR HEROES and will be taking place frmo the 19th-2nnd August.
    Please have a look at our website – http://www.swimforheroes.co.uk – for more information.

    Many thanks

  4. roqiya on said:

    it is well written and I will say congratulation and thank you for reading my comments see you soon in the soon future. 😛 x10000 times

  5. Great well written blog, certainly allows people to know what the Thames is all about and what happens on the River.

  6. Great blog, great things to see and do on the River especially with summer just around the corner.

  7. I’ve always thought we need more of a stream of sorts of whats going on on the thames in terms of boats etc, so I’m glad that’s it’s happening now!

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