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Choosing the right venue on The Thames

There’s something very special about celebrating on the Thames, rather than on-land.

Thames private river transfers

Here are a few Top Tips to make sure you get it right!

  1. Style of event venue

There are many vessels available for private charter, many will be unique in look, & style and each will have particular capabilities that will need to be considered. It’s very important to view a couple of different boat venues and take some advice from the event managers at each company.

  1. Number of guests

This will help you work out which event venue is most suitable for your needs. Think about minimum and maximum numbers and what you want to be able to do on board. There will be boats along the Thames that can cater for 2-600 + guests.

  1. Timings

The busiest times of the year on the Thames are the summer months and the Christmas period. Being flexible with your event dates and enquiring well in advance is recommended to make your booking process as smooth as possible.

  1. Nature Restrictions

The river is tidal through London. The tide means the water level rises and falls by up to 7.5 metres, twice every day. This may need to be considered when planning the time of day to hold your event and where you would like to embark and disembark. At certain times of day, some Piers will not be accessible for short periods of time.

  1. Using your budget wisely

Shop around! Speak with different event managers and find out the different options they can offer. They may be able to offer suggestions on affordable extras for you such as entertainment, floral arrangements etc. Above all, know who you are talking to!

Planning an event on the Thames is very exciting, so just be organised and prepared and everything will turn out just fine!

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