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Greener Solutions from the River Thames

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has admitted that the French are ahead of us…

Boris Johnson would like to see London taking a leaf out of Paris’ book and using water from the River Thames to cool buildings in a more sustainable approach to air-conditioning. At a recent Global Mayor Summit, Paris showcased a simple technology which uses water piped from the Seine to cool apartments. The process involves water from a river being piped around people’s homes, like commonly used piped water air conditioning now-a-days. A heat pump will be used in warmer months to cool the water by means similar to how a fridge works; not trying to re-invent the wheel!

Carbon emissions from air-conditioning are expected to soar as temperatures climb and people become richer, BBC News reports. (4/12/15)

Currently, nearly 50% of London’s emissions are due to heating and cooling from natural gas so finding a low-carbon way to provide this same process is high up on the Mayor’s agenda.

Earlier this year, the River Thames found itself involved with a ‘Better by Water’ campaign. This on-going campaign is using the River Thames commercially for a safer, cleaner London.

If all these schemes for greener solutions in London work together, carbon emissions in London will drop, even if population swells.

Source: BBC News (Science & Environment)
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