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4 Reasons to Love the River Thames

There are a vast amount of event venue options in London it is easy to focus on the land and forget the unique offerings of London’s famous River Thames.

Many people hold huge affection towards the river and it’s important that is enjoyed by anyone visiting or living in London. Here are few reasons why everyone should have a little love for the Thames:


1. History

The skyline of London changes more dramatically each decade, however the London we all know today is all a result of its position on the Thames.


On a global scale, the Thames allowed London to become one of the world’s leading trade ports which made it essential to building the British Empire. The Port of Tilbury was constructed to effectively deal with the volume of shipping activity and still accommodates the large cargo ships that come to the Thames today.


On a cruise of the Thames you may pass Greenwich, an area of London which celebrates the River and Britain’s Naval history. Here you can find the National Maritime Museum (which has an endless collection of fascinating items on exhibition, including Lord Nelson’s uniform worn in the Battle of Trafalgar) and the Cutty Sark – a 19th century tea clipper that has been restored and sits proudly overlooking the River.


In a city of rapid change in both image and culture, the River Thames is one of the only true constants!


2. A Changing backdrop

London proudly provides some extraordinary event venues; some of which offer a wonderful city view from dizzying heights.  However, cruising on the Thames is the only way one can enjoy a constantly changing backdrop of London, showing historic site after iconic building after spectacular monument.


Westminster at night

Westminster at night









3. The Sites

A changing backdrop is unique, but it becomes something truly memorable when the sites you encounter on your cruise are some of the most famous in the world. These include:


– Docklands and Canary Wharf – once a collection of warehouses, wharves and docks, this area of East London now boasts some of London’s largest buildings and is a modern-day commercial hub.


– Tower Bridge – The 120 year old bridge is one of the world’s most recognised structures and is a stunning feat of engineering. Don’t miss out on the witnessing the colossal bascules of the bridge lift to allow tall boats to pass through (you can find scheduled bridge lifts here)!


– The Globe – this reconstruction of the famous theatre still shows Shakespeare’s widely loved plays and is located on the South Bank between Millennium Bridge and Southwark Bridge.


– Houses of Parliament – The stunning Palace of Westminster and Elizabeth Tower (the bell of which is  known to many as “Big Ben”) sit on the North Bank a little further up river of the London Eye and this is where the House of Commons and House of Lords meet.


– London Eye – Opened in 2000, the giant wheel had become the city’s most popular tourist attraction. At night the wheel looks particularly impressive as it creates a bright and colourful reflection on the surface of the water.

London Eye at night

London Eye at night









4. Start and Finish your event in different locations

A “one of a kind” event venue is one that can come to you rather than the other way around! Wherever you wish to begin your cruise, dependent on the vessel and tides a luxury event boat can pick your guests up from the nearest point on the River before cruising into Central London where you can later disembark at one of the many available piers.


Hopefully by this point you have learnt a bit more about the River and the advantages of celebrating your next personal milestone or corporate event on a Thames cruise.

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