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Britain Celebrates 2012


After years of doomsday scenario speculation, chatter of ‘The Mayan Prophecy’ and theories on suspicious polar shifts and planet alignments… 2012 arrived much like any other year! January blues aside, the year has not begun as gloomily as Hollywood blockbusters and hearsay had predicted. In fact 2012 is looking to be rather special for London and the River Thames.

Following 2011’s royal wedding of William and Kate, Britain plans to celebrate our monarchy once again in 2012. To mark 60 years of the Queen’s reign, celebrations are set to take place across the country for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. With an extended bank holiday weekend (something even the anti-royals amongst you can rejoice about) a host of events will be taking place in and around London, luring tourist and locals alike to join us in doing what Britain does best..  Celebrating our Royals with copious amounts of Pimms, prawn cocktails and sausage rolls!

One of the biggest and (we think) most exciting celebrations is the River Thames Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant, taking place on Sunday 3rd June. At high water, thousands of boats of every shape and size will begin cruising down the River Thames, the Queen aboard her royal barge leading the pageant. From paddle steamers to luxury yachts, service boats filled with armed forces, police and firemen, historic vessels, RIBS and rowing boats, the pageant will cruise along London’s River Thames creating one of the largest flotilla’s in history!

And if the Queen’s Jubilee was the British starter, the London Olympics will be the spectacular, gourmet, international main course! The finest athletes from around the world, mixed together to create a bubbling, lip-smacking spectacle to be remembered for years to come. On the 19th of May the London 2012 Olympics will begin with the lighting of the Olympic torch. It will be carried by 8,000 inspirational individuals across the UK for 70 days, reaching the Olympic site in East London’s Stratford for the grand opening ceremony on the 27th July. London will welcome millions to witness the best of the best compete in over 26 Olympic sporting categories. This summer, all eyes will be on London, the host city of the greatest and the largest sporting event on the globe.

2012 is the Chinese year of the Dragon, the only fictional creature of the zodiac year and one that is held with huge significance and revelry by the Chinese. Those born in the year of the dragon, a symbol of power and wisdom, are said to demand attention and respect, and this year more than any before, The City of London plans to do just that with celebrations in Trafalgar Square and throughout Soho.

2012 on London’s River Thames plans to leave behind memories of 2011, the economic doom and gloom, the protests and the riots, a dragon rising from the flames. Showing the world what Britain does best…..

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