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A guide to enjoying the River Thames in London this Spring

The River Thames in London becomes even more inviting as the days grow longer and the warmer weather draws ever closer. Spring is well and truly in the air now with some glorious days over the past few weekends. Lets hope the cold winter means we will get a hot summer this year!

With this warmer weather brings the annual rush to get outdoors, and where better than the banks or flowing waters of the River Thames in London. With so many different boats on offer you really are spoilt for choice.So how do you choose which river boat, speed boat or Thames River cruise is right for you?

Here is a guide to getting the most from your boat cruise on the River Thames this Spring:

  • Decide what you want to do – wine and dine or blast through the city!?
  • How many people are in your party as this will affect which boats and cruises will suit?
  • Be aware of the weather – we are in Britain after all!
  • Decide what times and dates suit you and how long you want to be out on the River Thames?
  • London has many other things to offer so you may want to combine your trip on the River Thames with another activity in the City – this may affect where you want to get on and off the boat in London.
  • If you choose a speed boat charter or a jet boat make sure everyone in your group is keen!
  • Disco Cruises and Dinner Cruises offer an ideal solution for smaller groups.

If you are booking a River Thames boat charter for the summer and you have a specific date in mind make sure you book early. You will not only get a favorable rate if you book before the 1st April, but you will be more likely to get the date you want.Also make sure you look at a few different boats as the style and quality of service does vary. The old adage, ‘You get what you pay for’ does apply, although the difference in price between the cheap and the top end is not as great as the difference in standards and service!

Remember to plan ahead to ensure you choose the right boat or cruise for you and you have an enjoyable trip on the River Thames this year.

I hope this guide has been helpful.

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  1. Surely your guide is very helpful

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