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Wedding Reception on a London Party Boat?

The planning of your most special day often can be your biggest headache! With so many venues available and many adding extra £,0’s to their prices as soon as you mention the word ‘wedding reception’ this often is a time of immense frustration, and you aren’t even married yet!

So do you get married abroad with guaranteed good weather, hire a marquee, book your local village hall or base around a hotel? Or do you want something a little different for your special day…

Finding a unique venue for your wedding reception that will be simple to organise, enjoyable for all and not have additional £,000’s added just because it’s your wedding is possible! Have you considered a London Party Boat?

There are some exceptionally pretty London Party Boats on the River Thames in London which a few couples in the know have used for their wedding receptions, wedding transfers and after parties. A boat charter on the Thames in London is not just about the boat though…

A trip down the River Thames in London provides you with one of the prettiest backdrops in the UK with stunning historic architecture mixed with quirky modern design, a multimillion pound interactive lighting system, World famous bridges and attractions. Add to this your very own luxury Thames boat charter, exquisite wines, your nearest and dearest, fine dining, entertainers and of course a photographer or two!

The other advantage is that the you don’t need to worry about the weather in fact most of the boats have covered outside deck spaces. A bit of rain even adds to the intensity and romance of the cruise.

In summary – an intensely romantic, guaranteed memorable, affordable and genuinely unique location for a wedding reception – a London Party Boat.

Examples of London Party Boats

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9 thoughts on “Wedding Reception on a London Party Boat?

  1. aliye on said:

    What is the maximum amount of passengers the boat can hold to hire for a wedding? and whta are the costs?
    many thanks

  2. Thanks for the comment Aliye and congratulations on the wedding (assuming it is yours!)
    Each boat on the river is different and of course some hold more passengers than others. I have forwarded your details to the Livett’s who will get in touch to try and help. I actually got married back in September and Sarah and myself chartered the Elizabethan, which i personally feel is the prettiest boat on the river Thames in London. If you are after a more contemporary vessel you may want to look at the Erasmus or Silver Fleet. Hope this is helpful.

  3. Interestingly, even for accountants :)))))

  4. Quite an idea. A good idea for anyone whose roots are truly London based.

  5. The bride and groom design their wedding planner and will be a simple guide throughout the process, helping the couple. Decisions will be taken by the contracting parties and the planner only gives professional advice on his knowledge of event planning. The responsibilities of a scheduler part is to collect all information about the bride and groom meet all stakeholders and assist in the evaluation of the budget.

  6. becky on said:

    hi i wish to enquire about the prices of the boats and number of maximum people aloud.


  7. Miss info on said:

    Hi, I would like to enquire about hiring a boat. I tried the above link but it wasn’t working. Please could get details about cost and facilities included.

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