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A guide to boats for hire on the river Thames in London

There are a wide range of different boats for hire on the Thames in London. Depending on the type of boat party or celebration you are looking to host on the river Thames in London there are a wide range of different styles of boats available to charter.

Here is a list of a selection of boats available to hire grouped by style.

Speed boats
If you are looking for a speed boat to hire there are many different options available including the most incredible adrenaline rush – a London Jet Boat Experience!

  • Voyager RIB’s
  • Jet Boat
  • Fletcher Arrowhawk
  • Lima Lima II

Luxury Powerboats
Moving up from small speed boats their are a number of large luxury powerboats / superyachts available for charter on the Thames. Ideal for important business meetings, corporate entertaining and intimate celebrations for smaller groups these craft push the boundaries of service, quality and luxury.

  • Princess V48
  • Zephyr / Zodiac
  • Rum Jungle

Small Launches
Often a simple river transfer from one part of London to a venue and back is considered to avoid London’s busy transport network. There are several small launches suitable for such transfers and very reasonably priced when compared with other ways of transporting larger numbers in a group around London!

  • Thames Swift
  • John Harriot
  • Cabot

Large Launches
Getting a larger group from one place to another in London can be a complete nightmare. A boat is a simple and cost effective solution and even adds another element to the event. For larger parties it can be efficient to charter a private passenger vessel or a Thames river bus. Here are a few options:

  • Thames Clipper
  • Sarpedon
  • Sapele
  • Edwardian
  • Golden Salamander

London Party Boats
There is a simply massive selection of party boats for hire on the Thames in London. Choosing which one suits you can be a bit of a headache – should you pay the extra money for one boat – is it worth it?

Here are a list of a selection of ‘approved’ London Party Boats which are generally considered good value for money. Note these boats are not comparable by size or standard, but value for money. If a boat is not included that you feel should be please reply to the thread.

  • Havengore
  • High Society
  • Spirit of London
  • Edwardian
  • Golden Salamander
  • Elizabethan
  • Erasmus
  • Silver Barracuda
  • Silver Sturgeon
  • Dixie Queen

For further information on hiring a boat on the river Thames in London see: Boat Hire London

I hope this information has been useful?

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